$3,000,000 Philadelphia Jury Verdict


$3,000,000 Jury Verdict, plus delay damages, plus post-verdict interest, for a Shickshinny, Luzerne County client, who sustained a right tibia fracture, a broken left foot, facial fractures, a neck fracture and a diffuse mild brain injury. Ostroff Law sued Greyhound Bus Lines and it’s driver. Our client was a passenger in a Greyhound bus that slammed at a high speed into the rear of a tractor trailer truck on Interstate Route 80 (I-80), in north central Pennsylvania. This Greyhound Bus was in the middle of a route between New York and Cleveland and at around 1:20am, the driver fell asleep with a bus load of passengers, injuring many, killing one. After a highly contested, seven week Philadelphia jury trial led by Partner Jon Ostroff, against a team of lawyers from two separate law firms, representing Greyhound and it’s driver. Ostroff Law’s trial team won a verdict of $3,000,000 for this client, who was one of four Ostroff Law clients that were represented at this trial. This $3,000,000 verdict included a $500,000 punitive damage portion, which was intended to punish Greyhound for it’s failure to adequately manage fatigue among it’s drivers. This client’s award was part of a $5.05 million verdict rendered to the four passengers that were represented by Ostroff law in this precedent setting trial against Greyhound Bus Lines. Prior to trial, CNN news network aired a story about this crash and the litigation that led to this trial, interviewing Ostroff Law partner Jon Ostroff and the Ostroff Law client that received this verdict. This CNN story and high profile jury trial exposed a nationwide fatigue management problem involving Greyhound Bus Drivers that were falling asleep at the wheel during long bus routes.

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