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30 Days to Settle Disclaimer

Ostroff Injury Law will not initiate a lawsuit without the client’s consent and signed verification. Ostroff Injury Law will not initiate a lawsuit if doing so violates the PA Rules of Professional Conduct.

The 30 Days To Settle strategy referred to in this website only applies to cases accepted by Ostroff Injury Law, which arise from a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall accident. There will be situations where Ostroff Injury Law believes it is in a client’s best interest to sue in less than thirty days, or before settlement of a case is attempted. There will be other situations where Ostroff Injury Law advises a client that it is best to give an insurer more time before filing a lawsuit. This additional time is more likely to be suggested where the facts of a case or injuries are complex and more time is legitimately required by an adjuster to evaluate a claim, or where it seems resolution is imminent. In cases where it seems that resolution on behalf of a client is reasonably imminent, it may be the judgment of the attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law that it is not prudent to file a Complaint because a client will needlessly incur filing fees that can range from over $200 to over $550 and it is the attorney’s judgment and recommendation that the client wait for a reasonable period of time in an effort to avoid these fees.

Ostroff Injury Law is committed to promptly file a lawsuit on behalf of a client. It is Jon Ostroff’s opinion that many firms to take to long to file a client’s lawsuit. Ostroff Injury Law will proceed with a lawsuit promptly, and not wait until it is forced to file a lawsuit to avoid the expiration of the statute of limitations.

The important point is this: It can be in a client’s best interests to file a lawsuit within 30 days of demanding a settlement and in these cases, Ostroff Injury Law will strongly suggest to the client that they allow us to do so. In other cases, we will suggest to a client that they not even wait 30 days, but allow us to file a Complaint for them immediately. Finally, there are also circumstances where the insurance company should be given more than thirty days to complete their evaluation and in these circumstances, Ostroff Injury Law will remain aggressive, but suggest a reasonable extension of time before a Complaint is filed. Again, it is in these cases where our attorneys may suggest this extension in an effort to save our clients unnecessary filing fees of $250 to 0ver $550.

In order to fulfill our commitment to promptly file a lawsuit on behalf of our clients if an insurance company does not settle within a reasonable period of time, the client must cooperate by completing revisions and executing their Complaint in their matter within seven(7) days of receiving it from Ostroff Injury Law.

If Ostroff Injury Law does not believe it is in a client’s best interest to file a lawsuit in their case, Ostroff Injury Law shall provide a written explanation of this opinion to the client. If the client still wishes to proceed with litigation, either the client or Ostroff Injury Law may terminate representation at that time.

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