Honesty Counts: Three Simple Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Pennsylvania Accident Claim

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accident-claim_134525291If you were injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, you expect your insurance company to cover your accident – that’s why you pay your premiums. But, your insurance claim is dependent upon the information you provide to your insurance agent and your lawyer. Unfortunately, many Pennsylvanian’s don’t realize that leaving out important information can cost them their accident injury case.

The car crash attorneys at Ostroff Law have listed three ways that accident victims can unintentionally ruin their own claims.

Three Way to Ruin Your Injury Claim

Mistake #1: Hide past accidents from your attorney.

If you have been in a previous accident, you may be worried that the accident will affect your current case and your insurance premiums. However, every insurance agency can access a database that has information about your accident history. Your past won’t stay a secret.

It is important that you share information about ANY previous accidents with your attorney. Your lawyer will be able to determine how your accident history will affect your current accident claim, and he will do his best to minimize the impact on your case. But, if you aren’t honest with your lawyer or your insurance company, your credibility will be questioned. You may lose your claim.

Mistake #2: Don’t tell your doctor or lawyer about your pre-existing injuries or physical conditions

You were seeing a physical therapist for back pain before the accident, but the accident made the pain much worse. You are worried that your insurance company won’t cover the additional damage.

If an accident aggravates a medical condition, you can claim insurance compensation for the additional injury. But, you must tell your doctor and your lawyer about your medical history. Your previous medical records will show how your injuries were worsened by the accident.

Never hide information about prior medical conditions. If the agent believes that you are hiding information about a pre-existing condition, the insurance company to question and deny your claim.

Mistake #3: Exaggerate the effect your injury has on your life

Insurance companies pay a lot of money for serious injuries. Before offering a settlement, an agent will look for evidence that you are not as seriously injured as you claim. He will try to find proof that you are involved in activities that aren’t possible for someone with your injuries. He may check your social media pages and an investigator may be sent to talk to your friends and co-workers. Be honest about your injuries and the impact on your life.

In a fair world, you would get fair compensation. But, the insurance companies don’t play fairly. Ostroff Law works to even the playing ground. You can help by providing us with all the information about your injury and your accident.

Worried that your past will affect your accident claim? Schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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