12 Things a Pennsylvania Accident Attorney Can Do For You

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Learn How an Accident Attorney Can Help You After Your PA Car Crash

If you were seriously injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, you have probably considered discussing your case with a Pennsylvania accident lawyer. This is a good idea. Insurance companies are hesitant to pay all the benefits an accident victim is entitled to receive. An attorney will know exactly how much your case is worth and what you can expect as a fair settlement. This can make a big difference; an Insurance Resource Council study found that injury victims who use an attorney average 3.5 times larger settlements than injury victims who don’t use a lawyer.

An attorney can help you get a larger settlement, but a good attorney will do more than settle with the insurance company. Here are twelve things you should expect from your car accident lawyer:

  1. Your attorney should talk to you about your accident. Every accident is different. Your attorney should ask you questions about your accident. He should look at your medical records and the police report, He should ask you about the effects of the crash on your daily life. He should try to understand exactly how the accident occurred and how you were affected.
  2. Your attorney should educate you about personal injury claims. You aren’t a lawyer. In fact, your accident may be the first time you’ve ever needed an attorney. Your attorney should explain your rights and the legal process involved in getting a fair settlement.
  3. Your attorney should review all your insurance policies. Your lawyer should review your car insurance and health insurance policies to determine who is responsible for coverage of your injuries. If you have used health insurance to pay medical bills, your attorney should let you know if you will have to pay back your medical insurance from your insurance settlement.
  4. Your attorney should estimate the cost of the accident. The value of your insurance claim is based on your injuries, your medical bills and future costs associated with the accident. It is your attorney’s job to figure out exactly how much the insurance company should pay you for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
  5. Your attorney should communicate with the insurance company on your behalf. It is your job to recover from your injuries. It is your attorney’s responsibility to set up your claim, to negotiate with the insurance company, and to arrange for payment of your settlement.
  6. Your attorney should be willing and able to go to court on your behalf. Some attorneys have a reputation for settling. Insurance companies know that these attorneys won’t go to court, so they offer low settlements. Your attorney should be willing to fight for your rights, even if it means filing a lawsuit to get you the settlement you deserve.
  7. Your attorney should provide regular updates. Looking at a pile of medical bills and wondering how they will be paid is stressful. Hiring an attorney should not add to your stress. Your lawyer should provide regular updates on your case.
  8. Your attorney should provide information to support your case. The insurance company won’t pay your claim without the evidence to back it up. Your attorney should obtain medical records, police reports, pay-stubs, bills and other information to support your claim. He may also interview witnesses or request professional opinions.
  9. Your attorney should determine if there are any legal considerations that could affect your case. Your attorney should know who is liable for your accident and if you might be considered partially at fault.
  10. Your attorney should help you prepare for court. If your case goes to trial, your attorney should tell you what to expect and help you prepare for your court appearance.
  11. Your attorney should represent you in court. Your attorney should fill out all paperwork related to the trial and present your case in court. He should be well-prepared and able to support your case.
  12. The attorney should look for liens on your case. It is your attorney’s job to determine if there are health insurance liens or other debts that must be paid when your claim is settled.

Ostroff Injury Law represents accident victims throughout Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to making sure our clients get every penny they deserve. Before accept a low settlement offer give us call. We’ll tell you what your case is really worth. Call 484-351-0350 to schedule a free consultation.


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