We Give Insurance Companies 30 Days to Pay You or We Sue

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IF YOU WERE SERIOUSLY INJURED you need to speak with an accident injury lawyer to get a settlement that fully covers medical expenses, loss of earnings, and compensates you for injuries you suffered in the accident.

Before your medical bills pile up, or the insurance company tries to talk to you, call Jon. Hiring Jon for your accident will send the insurance company a message. Call toll free 484-351-0350 to speak with Jon Ostroff at Ostroff Injury Law:

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We Give Insurance Companies 30 Days to Pay You or We Sue

Jon Ostroff and his attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law have been gathering evidence and winning these cases for over 20 years. They know how to demonstrate negligence to a jury and get you the money to pay for your medical costs and pain and suffering.

In fact, Jon is so confident he can win for you that if he accepts your case, he’ll institute his unique “30 Days to Settle™” program. This means that he’ll give the insurance company 30 days to settle™ and pay you or he’ll sue. And lawsuits are where the Ostroff Injury Law attorneys shine.

Call Ostroff Injury Law today at 484-351-0350 to get a free consultation. We’ll tell you if we can help you and when you can expect to get your money.

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