$100,000 Mercer County Settlement in Under 6 Months


$100,000 settlement for pedestrian within 5-1/2 months of this incident. Our client was struck by a car in an apartment complex parking lot in Greenville, Mercer County, PA. This was a challenging matter, because it seemed the car driver may have intentionally struck our client. The driver and our client had a prior history of conflict. Under the terms of all insurance policies in Pennsylvania, if a jury determined that the driver intentionally struck our client and intended to injure him, this intentional act would void the driver’s $100,000 of liability insurance coverage. Through early investigation, including witness interviews and a thorough site inspection, Jon Ostroff was able to establish enough evidence to demonstrate that the intent to harm our client was not clear enough for the driver’s insurance company to void coverage. As a result, the insurance company agreed to promptly pay the entire amount of the applicable insurance policy.

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