A Closer Look: Another 1.3 Million Dollar Settlement

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This $1.3 million settlement started with our client suffering an ankle injury during a crash with a drunk driver. The injury took several costly surgeries to fix.

The drunk driver at fault only had a $15,000 liability insurance policy to pay for our client’s medical costs. But our client was driving a car that had very good under-insured motorist (UIM) benefits totaling $500,000.

Jon pursued the full amount of this UIM insurance policy, the whole half-million, to cover his clients injuries, but the insurance company refused to pay it. The insurance company had a period of time to pay this amount and since they didn’t, the case went to arbitration.  The arbitrators awarded Jon’s client $1.3 million. Since the insurance company wouldn’t pay the $500,000 within a reasonable period of time, Jon took the chance to fight for more.

Fighting for the Compensation Our Client Deserved

Just before the arbitration hearing, the insurance company offered Jon’s client $350,000 to avoid arbitration. Jon’s client wanted to take this award but he trusted Jon, and Jon persuaded him to hold out and let him fight it out at arbitration. Jon told him the chances of him getting much more in arbitration were very high. Luckily, the client listened and he won almost a million dollars more because of it.

Jon indicated to the arbitration panel that his client deserved this $1.3 million to cover his costs and that the insurance company missed their chance to pay only the $500,000. He won this arbitration on behalf of his client and the client immediately received the $500,000. Over the next six months, he received a substantial portion of the entire million dollar settlement.

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