Dozens Injured in Calvary Bus Accident

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In 2013, a Calvary Coach bus carrying Pennsylvania high school students who had been touring Harvard University crashed Saturday Feb. 2nd as it attempted to drive under an overpass in Boston and left dozens of passengers injured.

According to state police nearly 40 people were injured in the crash on Sunday night and one remained hospitalized in critical condition, four were in stable condition, one was in serious condition and one was awaiting discharge.

Authorities said the bus, “failed to heed signs” warning of the height limit, which are posted “all over the place” on the road.  According to ABC news, city officials are also investigating how long Jackson was driving on Saturday as they probe to determine whether he may face more serious charges.

The crash is similar to the 2010 accident in N.Y. where four people were killed. In that accident, the driver of a doubledecker Megabus passed 13 low-bridge warning signs, some with flashing yellow lights, before hitting an overpass.

If you or a family member were injured in the Calvary bus accident, you should talk to a personal injury firm to see if you may have a case to recover damages. Ostroff Injury Law is known nationwide for the results we have obtained for the victims of bus crashes. In 2012 alone, we fought hard to succeed and recover millions for our clients against one of the largest bus companies in the world.

Bus companies are required to safely transport you or your family members. We have proven that these companies don’t take reasonable steps to protect their passengers. If the bus driver or his company were responsible for causing you to be hurt, we KNOW how to make the big bus companies pay.

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