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When it’s time to settle your Pennsylvania slip and fall injury case, Jon Ostroff will give the insurance company 30 days to make things right or Ostroff Injury Law will fight—PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

This means the insurance company doesn’t have to wonder whether you’ll really fight, because you’ve already thrown the first punch!

Jon and his firm will find the evidence they need to prove that a dangerous condition hurt you or a family member. Jon will use this evidence to recover money for pain and suffering, out of pocket medical bills, wage loss, and other out of pocket expenses related to your trip and fall accident and injuries.

To learn more about our “30 Days to Pay You or We Sue” program, you can:

  • Call Ostroff Injury Law at 800-688-6489.
  • Complete the form on the right side of this page.
  • Click here to learn more about Ostroff Injury Law.

For nearly 20 years, Jon Ostroff and Ostroff Injury Law has been successfully representing adults and children across Pennsylvania, who have been injured when they fell on another person’s property. Jon will spend the time and money it takes to gather the evidence he needs to prove that you were the victim of a property owner’s negligence. If Jon is unable to recover money for you, Jon will pay these costs. No fee until we get you money. We will visit and represent you anywhere in Pennsylvania.

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