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If you’ve used I-79, I-80, the Turnpike or Schuylkill, you know how truckers often drive like they own the road. As if the bigger the rig you drive, the less you have to pay attention to other drivers. Many truck accidents in PA happen because of trucks driving too aggressively. And trucks are so huge, heavy and dangerous that collisions caused by them often cause incredible damage to cars and horrendous injuries to drivers. Because of their huge size and the danger they create, trucks should be all the more careful to avoid catastrophe.

But when they don’t watch where they are going and they injure you and destroy your vehicle, you need to call the PA truck accident attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law. We’ll make truckers and their companies pay for their mistakes. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with truck accidents and we know how to prove that the big rigs are at fault.

Why Do Truckers Rush?

Truckers are often given tough deadlines and they try to make up for time lost in traffic whenever they get the chance. They just want to get to their drop-off and call it a day. Truckers often have 12 to16-hour drive days and driving a tractor trailer takes a lot more time, attention and energy than driving a regular automobile. A truck driver can easily get exhausted doing this much driving. truck stop coffee will opnly get them so far! When this anxiousness and fatigue gets out of hand, danger to any vehicle they get near is just around the corner.

Pressure to meet a deadline might push a trucker to drive more hours than he should in a day. But there’s no excuse for endangering the lives of other drivers. That’s why there are safety regulations, and when truckers ignore safety regulations, they’re asking for trouble.

At Ostroff Injury Law, we know the regulations, we know how many hours truckers can drive in a day, and we know how to prove that a trucker is at fault. Jon Ostroff and his firm have been winning truck accident cases in PA for nearly 20 years. He knows the rules and knows how to win.

Pressure to meet a deadline might push a trucker to drive more hours than he should in a day. But there’s no excuse for endangering the lives of other drivers.

What Sort of Attorney Do You Need?

Get a no-nonsense truck accident lawyer to represent your case.

Big trucking companies usually have their own lawyers to defend their truckers. They can’t afford to lose a bunch of money on you. Jon Ostroff knows truck lawyer strategies and can represent you successfully. In fact, Ostroff employs a “30 Days to Settle” program where we give the truck company 30 days to give you the money you deserve or we’ll sue for it.

If you just want justice to be served, to recover your financial losses from the accident, and you want it fast, call Ostroff Injury Law and talk to an experienced attorney for free.

30 Days
To Settle

We Give Insurance Companies 30 Days to Pay You or We Sue

Truck accident lawyer Jon Ostroff and the attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law have been gathering evidence and winning these cases for over 25 years. They know how to demonstrate negligence to a jury and get you the money to pay for your medical costs and pain and suffering.

In fact, Jon is so confident he can win for you that if he accepts your case, he’ll institute his unique “30 Days to Settle™” program. This means that he’ll give the insurance company 30 days to settle™ and pay you or he’ll sue. And lawsuits are where the Ostroff Injury Law attorneys shine.

Call Ostroff Injury Law today at 484-351-0350 to get a free consultation. We’ll tell you if we can help you and when you can expect to get your money.

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