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Motorcycles go just as fast if not faster than cars and offer no protection whatsoever.

A helmet and some heavy leather clothes is the best you can get. One little bump from a car, a truck, a pothole, anything can send you flying and from there you’re in big trouble.

Motorcyclists are very exposed and vulnerable and usually motorcycle accidents are very serious. Brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, deep lacerations, road rash and many other severe injuries happen regularly in motorcycle crashes. These injuries often involve multiple surgeries, long rehabilitation and lengthy hospital stays. Medical treatment is very expensive and while you’re recovering from an accident, you’re probably not going to be able to work to make the money to pay for treatment.

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Motorcyclists are stereotyped as reckless and for speeding, but accidents are still usually the other drivers’ fault. Given the motorcycle’s bad reputation, accident victims riding a motorcycle often have a hard time defending themselves.

When it comes to motorcycles, even the smallest mistake can be fatal. Some common mistakes that automobile drivers make to endanger motorcycles are:

  • Failure to Check Mirrors While Changing Lanes
  • Failure to Stop Fully at Intersections
  • Using their cell phone or text messaging and not paying attention to the roadway
  • Failure to Look Before Opening a Car Door into the Roadway From a Parking Spot

The experienced PA attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law have the skills to win cases for motorcyclists by helping the jury look past the reputation of motorcyclists and win cases for them. We’re so confident we can get you the money you need to pay for your medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering that we instituted a unique “30 Days to Settle” program. We’ll give the insurance company 30 days to give you your money or we’ll sue for it. Give us a call for a free consultation to get the ball rolling.

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We Give Insurance Companies 30 Days to Pay You or We Sue

Motorcycle accident lawyer Jon Ostroff and the attorneys at Ostroff Injury Law have been gathering evidence and winning these cases for over 25 years. They know how to demonstrate negligence to a jury and get you the money to pay for your medical costs and pain and suffering.

In fact, Jon is so confident he can win for you that if he accepts your case, he’ll institute his unique “30 Days to Settle™” program. This means that he’ll give the insurance company 30 days to settle™ and pay you or he’ll sue. And lawsuits are where the Ostroff Injury Law attorneys shine.

Call Ostroff Injury Law today at 484-351-0350 to get a free consultation. We’ll tell you if we can help you and when you can expect to get your money.

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