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When it is necessary to borrow money against an injury settlement, Ostroff Injury Law has a unique relationship with STAR Funding* who will advance our clients cash against their pending personal injury claim—and repay ONLY if they recover money from their personal injury claim.

By providing cash now, you avoid the stress of waiting for a fair, and often higher settlement while we aggressively represent your personal injury case. Instead of seeing a client lose their house, medical insurance, go bankrupt, or accept a low offer from the insurance company because they are desperate for the financial settlement, get the cash you need now!

We can help you get the cash you need right now!
STAR Funding* offers Ostroff Injury Law clients:

  • Fast approval process and delivery of their checks
  • Funding between $500 and $50,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Plus, only repay if we win your case!

* Ostroff Injury Law, 30 Days To Settle and any of its employees, agents and/or representatives  have no ownership interest in STAR Funding. Star Funding is a separate and distinct entity from Ostroff Injury Law and 30DaysToSettle. Star Funding is independently owned and operated. Upon receiving a loan request, STAR Funding will investigate the subject accident, to verify that the person requesting a loan was not at fault, suffered a significant injury related to the accident, and that there is insurance available from which that person may recover. While Ostroff can recommend that STAR approve a loan request, the final decision will be made solely by STAR Funding. STAR Funding reserves the right not to approve any loan requested by a client of Ostroff Injury Law in Pennsylvania. However, historically, STAR Funding has accepted and approved most loan requests by Ostroff Injury Law on behalf of its clients.

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