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Making The Drunk Driver Pay

One more for the road” Bob shouted. His friends cheered… they were drunk too. The bartender smiled…another drink, another dollar. Bob was bombed and as he yelled with a laughing slur…”Getting Bombder.

Your loved one is heading home after work. No bar. No alcohol. He was just heading straight home to you.

Drunk Bob’s about to cross paths with his and change everything. Flying down the highway, Bob laughs out loud as he hits 90 miles an hour. He’s singing at the top of his lungs and downing his “one more for the road.

His cigarette falls and lands in his lap. He jumps around, looking down to find it. He forgot about his beer which is now spilling onto his leg and the floor. Still looking down he crosses the yellow line… still flying. He heads straight at your loved one… who didn’t stand a chance.

Make Bob pay. Make the bar pay. Stop the bastards from sending others like Bob out to shatter more lives.

The cars collide…your car explodes…your loved one’s gone…

Bob rolls out of his car and wanders aimlessly until the police arrive. His family shows up to get him out of jail. They’re pissed, but he’s still alive.

Your family’s life is changed forever. You lost your soul mate because Bob wanted to party—Bob walked away.

You buried your loved one on Monday.

I know how you feel.

I have lost loved ones to guys like Bob. I have lost friends to guys like Bob. I have spent my career making guys like Bob, and the bar he came from, pay for the lives they ruin.That’s why MADD of Pennsylvania has recognized me as an Honorary Member, committed to taking care of the victims of drunk drivers.

The sooner you call me… the sooner I get a chance to find the people who saw Bob being served while he was drunk… so I can make the bar pay. The sooner you call me, the sooner I can take over the paperwork, the phone calls, the investigation, everything…to find everyone who needs to be held accountable for Bob killing your loved one and destroying your family.

The sooner you call me, the sooner I can help take care of you.

For nearly 20 years, Jon Ostroff has been representing the estates of over 100 children and adults who have died across Pennsylvania as a result of someone else’s negligence. Jon will spend the time and money it takes to figure out what happened to your loved one. If unable to recover money for your loved one’s estate, Jon will pay these costs.

Jon Ostroff’s ability to find the evidence that wins cases has earned him his distinguished reputation across Pennsylvania as a wrongful death attorney.

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