$150,000 Susquehanna County Settlement (6 months after hired)


$150,000 settlement obtained within 6 months, from multiple insurance companies, for our Limited Tort client. Our client contacted our law firm a year after this accident occurred. She was a passenger in a car driven by her boyfriend who lost control of his vehicle on Route 219, striking a tree in Brackney, Susquehanna County, PA. Our client sustained a fractured vertebra in her mid back. Before calling Jon Ostroff, she didn’t realize she could obtain a settlement. She was told by another lawyer prior to hiring Ostroff Law that her Limited Tort insurance prevented her from receiving a recovery. Ostroff Law accepted her case and promptly pursued all insurance proceeds that were available through multiple insurance companies. It took only 60 days for Ostroff Law to obtain the full $50,000 insurance policy limit settlement from her boyfriend’s insurance company. Four months later, another $100,000 was obtained from a Under Insured Motorist (“UIM”) Benefit, available from our client’s own insurance policy. Ostroff Law was therefore able to recover $150,000 total, in only 6 months, for our Limited Tort client.

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