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Bus accidents always take us by surprise. When you get aboard a bus, or when you see a bus passing you on the highway, you never think of the danger it represents. The bus companies’ advertisements all stress comfort, luxury, safety, and reliability. You’re encouraged to believe that the driver is a dedicated, well-trained professional, and that the vehicle has been inspected within minutes of your departure time.

Nobody told you that the motorcoach is a rattling old deathtrap with balding tires that had an engine fire just last week. The driver doesn’t announce that he hasn’t slept for three days and he’s praying that coffee will keep him awake for the length of your trip. You weren’t informed that the bus company fired its entire maintenance crew a month ago as a “cost-cutting measure.”

The bus company is happy to keep you ignorant. We’re not.

Here’s the big secret that bus companies and their insurance carriers don’t want victims of bus crashes to know: bus companies owe a special duty of care to their passengers and to people sharing the road with their vehicles. You see, everyone understands that because of its size and weight, a huge commercial bus is a potential menace to pedestrians, other vehicles, and its passengers. Because of this inherent risk, bus owners and operators have a legal obligation to be much more cautious than drivers of other vehicles. They have a special obligation to be extra prudent and trustworthy on the road.

When they fail in that duty, they are obliged to make everything right to the best of their ability. That means covering the losses of each and every person who has been hurt because of their negligence. They must compensate medical expenses, lost income, permanent disability, property damage, pain and suffering, and even—if it comes to that—death.

There are two types of bus companies we’re talking about here. Transit buses operate within a city (and sometimes to the suburbs) to get people from home to work to shopping in their daily routines. Motorcoach lines operate between cities or even across state lines, acting as common carriers for people going to special destinations. Sometimes, also, motorcoaches are rented as tour buses or charter buses to transport a group of people traveling together.

Jon Ostroff and his legal team at Ostroff Injury Law works with bus accident injury victims involving both kinds of bus companies. Although based in Plymouth Meeting, Jon can help people hurt in Pennsylvania bus accidents anywhere in the Commonwealth, as well as those whose motorcoach trip started or ended in Pennsylvania.

30 Days
To Settle

We’ll give the bus company just 30 days month to do the right thing

If you hire us, we will follow a simple strategy for resolving your case. We will contact the bus company and its insurance carrier and give them 30 days to pay your claim in full. No reservations, no exceptions, no delays. If we don’t get a fair settlement offer in that time—an offer that you must approve—then we will file a lawsuit and ask the jury for every dollar you deserve in damages.

When a bus driver makes a critical error, you suffer the burden of the injury. It would be nice if the insurance company would volunteer to compensate you fully for the harm you have suffered, but it won’t act until someone brings force to bear. Our Montgomery County bus accident lawyers give you just the leverage you need. Studies show that injury victims who are represented by experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys collect two to three times more than people who represent themselves.

When you’re ready to get the compensation you deserve, contact Ostroff Injury Law by calling 800-688-6489 toll-free or by filling in the online contact form on this page. You get a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you win your case and get justice!

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